Tuesday, 18 July 2017

VanityBMW Show at Bealieu 2017

Welcome to technically the first blog for 2017. This year we're trying to change things up this year with going to a few different shows to mix it up. Kinda doing this blog backwards as the first show this year we attended was Straight Outta Kempton over 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately I lost some of the photos I took from the show and to top it off my spare battery despite showing a full charge decided to drain out after a few minutes. But that's for another blog which I will try to do a write up on that show.

16th July was a very busy day for shows as there was 3 on at the same time. You had a pick of VanityBMW, Gravity and Uxbridge Auto Show. All great shows and after hearing great stuff with VanityBMW we decided to attend this year.

The event took place at the Beaulieu motor museum in the picturesque New Forest. The venue is a great place to have a car show and the last time we ventured down as a group to Beaulieu was for The German Show hosting each year until that stopped for reasons unknown a few years ago.

Step in Ed Gould who over 2 years ago formed VanityBMW hosted the very first show last year at Beaulieu and from talk within the BMW circles and in social media the show was a success. So onto this year and with various car clubs and forum's coming together in one place it certainly wasn't going to disappoint with range of metal on display.

Starting out with a selection from the Custom Cars stand:

Insta @p5uml
Insta @djsyxx

Insta @mins_46m
Insta @1jasvir
Insta @modifiedmpower
Insta @gus247
Insta @sgill78
Insta @bhups83
Insta @juttla_77
Insta @d12typ
Insta @rps_86
Selection featuring cars from the E39 Club UK, Total M Cars, E36 Kings and more.

The show was a real gem, and had a good chilled out vibe to it. If you managed to get through the day with seeing everything, your ticket included entry into the Beaulieu motor museum which is a must see on its own featuring historic vehicles from years gone by. It was a great day out and the journey is worth it driving through some lovely roads through New Forest admiring the views. I can see this show being a regular date for the calendar for years to come and if you missed this year, get yourself down for next year, you will love it.

Picture coverage from the show can be found on our forum, www.pbmwforum.com and our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/pbmwforum 

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