Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Car Collective Show of Shows 2015

With summer now in full flow we are now into the busy period of shows and meets taking place these coming months. Some new ones have even appeared on the radar promising to be a great day out for all. This brings us on to the Car Collective Show of Shows taking place at the Penhurst Place and Gardens in Kent. This is a new one to us and had a good amount of coverage on social media to get noticed.

As with new shows you never quite know what to expect with the type of cars that will turn up, will it have a good atmosphere and vibe and importantly the numbers to make it a success. We got directed to our spot upon arrival with plenty of room to set up the Custom Cars stand and get the cars ready for the 10am start.

Starting with the Custom Cars stand we had Nadeem’s stunning E46 M3 on display which not long ago had its photoshoot for a feature in Performance BMW magazine and will be coming out soon.
Saty who had a little flirtation with the Porsche 911 has now come back to the E46 fold with a fairly recently acquired silver grey M3 which is now sporting a set of genuine CSL wheels, storm goodies and a rare Clubsport spoiler.

Steve Smith E46 has gone through quite a change for this year and the first noticeable change is the new wheels he has acquired in the form of a rare set of RH XD 3 piece split wheels measuring 11x18 and 8.5x18 respectivly. He has also got Dips from Custom Cars to custom make a CSL-esque boot which has been fully smoothed and flushed with a shorter recess for the license plate and has redesigned his audio boot build.

Dips from The Custom Cars bagged M3 was looking as stunning as ever and is now rocking a set of squared OEM Style 67 polished up with custom copper inserts which looked amazing in the sunlight. There is a rumour he might be using a classic set of wheels later on down the line this year so watch this space.

The M3 has aquired more carbon fibre parts for the engine bay as well as a few small mods and sits nicely on the recently rebuilt Oz Mito rears measuring 11.25x18.

This MK2 golf is certainly a nice example and there is no hint that this car packs a punch till you see under the bonnet where an R32 engine rests nicely in the compact bay making a formidable sleeper car.
Rash has added some nice changes to his E90 M3 with a new front splitter along with orange accents on the wing vents, rear spoiler and orange calipers. It’s a nice subtle touch and suits the car really well giving a little individuality.
Taking a walk through the venue there was a wide variety of cars on show and it wasn’t just limited to just a few marques, there was a mix of classics, modified, super cars etc. so there was something out there that anyone could relate to and appreciate.

This Astra ticked all the right boxes for looks and performance.
The Mercedes W114 seem to be attracting a cult following with a few at the show. With a classic body and lines you really don’t need to do much to these cars to make them stand out.
You don’t see many classic Ford Escorts on the road and this lovely example was instantly noticeable with its fine yellow paintwork.

It was good to see the E30 Zone on display with some fine examples from coupes to verts and M3’s as well as this widebody monster below!
Performance BMW magazine Editor Elizabeth de Latour E39 540 had her car on display. The boot build housing the compressor and tanks for the air ride is well thought out and finely executed.
Shaun Grazette 335i E92 coupe has gone through some changes since we last saw it and is now on air suspension, a new front end with an M3 powerdome, 1M style bumper and most notably the centres on his Blitz wheels are finished in a special 4 layer light pearl effect and works so much better now.

Not often you see a super car like the Ford GT40.

As well as the classic Dodge Charger.

Tallis Godfrey has bought a new set of shoes for his stunning E36 M3 with a set of fully polished Oz Route wheels.
Matt Cliffords E31 8 series which was recently featured in the May 2015 Performance BMW magazine has changed the look of his with a new set of Rotiform LHR 3 piece wheels. The classic centre mesh design suits the body shape of the car and the gold centres contrast well against the velvet blue exterior.
This Subaru Impreza was one of my favourites from the show sitting pretty on some wide Works wheels.
As the day drew to a close I felt it was worth the trip and enjoyed what was on offer. Being open to all types of cars it had something for everyone which was a great idea by the organiser Jack Williams to open it to all as it had brought in a wide variety of metal on display.

Considering there was the Supercar Siege, another show on the same day not far from venue it had a pretty decent turnout. Had Supercar Siege not been on at the same time I think this could have had even more numbers, no question of it. There were decent food stalls on offer and the location was pretty good too.

The Show of Shows certainly lived up to its expectation and this one will definitely be on my calendar for next year.

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Words and photos by Richard Ansari.

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