Monday, 22 September 2014

Players 8.0 at North Weald Airfield

The annual Players Show has been running for a number of years. Players 8.0 is hosted at the North Weald airfield in Essex bringing in a huge variety of cars with all tastes and styles catered for.

As was expected there were queues to enter the venue early in the morning. We arrived around 8.15am and didn't get into the grounds till nearly an hour later. This I hope is something that the guys at Players can hopefully address for next year by getting cars into the show a bit quicker.

With this show there is no real sort of forum or club stands where you request a spot for X amount of spaces so it is just come in together as a group and park up in a spot. As the grounds are big there is no shortage of space and you can pretty much rock up and have your car on show.

Custom Cars were in attendance and had got a very good spot near the front with a wide range of BM's.

This E36 owned by Kash had a new addition sporting the classic timeless and sought after Hartge Design C splits and looked every bit perfect with them on.

This drop top M3 owned by Elkerimo looked on point with its AC Schnitzer type 2's. Measuring at a whopping 12x18 and a cheeky poke it looked epic.
Tej's Santorini E30 M3 featured in Performance BMW magazine was looking graceful as ever and those Type 1 AC Schnitzer splits make this car.
The infamous 6 owned by Kos from C-Unit made its much welcomed appearance after a long lay off and was good to see it back on the road.
Dips from Custom Cars bagged E46 M3, recently added a new front splitter giving a more aggressive look and finishes off the front end so well.

Shaun's E92 is always impressive and recently changed his wheels to these beauties.
Taking a stroll through the concrete area there were a huge number of cars but they were a little too cramped and bunched together which meant you couldn't really properly appreciate looking at these cars. Trying to take a decent photo was not easy to do and looked more like a car park then a proper display of cars.

Onto the hangers there were some great cars displaying on show like these ones below. Only gripe being the cars that were placed at the back rows either side were hard to see and again anyone trying to take a decent photo would have encountered difficulties.

This Polo was recently resprayed by Dips from Custom Cars and looked visually stunning.

This E28 took the centre of the hanger and rightfully so, pure class.

It was good to finally see the Players widebody art car on display. A car you need to appreciate to see in the flesh.

This particular VW was certainly something else. "Pipey McGraw" who previously owned the Performance BMW magazine featured slammed E46 M3 with Fluid Motor Union stacks now owns and has extensively modified this pretty unique car. Literally slammed on a VW Beetle chassis and MK1 Golf body with a rear mounted rotary engine it got a large amount of attention.

Nicks E30 M3 on form as always.

All in all aside from the few things mentioned which I hope Players will sort for next year it was a very good day out. With plenty of cars on display and decent trade stands it certainly is a show to put in the calendar for next year.

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